Tuesday, July 7, 2015

CGOA Conference Prep Time & Celebrating Two Years of Healthy!!!

For many years July was both exciting and terrifying for me! It was exciting because it was time for the Crochet Guild of America's annual conference but terrifying because I lived with chronic illness and never knew what my body would be doing. Since there were times when I wasn't able to walk on my own, I remember trying to decorate my walker with crocheted motifs in case I had to bring it with me. I would contact my beautiful roommate, Kimberly, shown below multiple times telling her I didn't think I was going to make it because I was so afraid of the "what if's" but she would convince me to come and would reassure me that she would help to get me through it. Wow! What a friend to take on that burden.

Two years ago, everything changed. Kimberly was doing a nutritional cleansing program. She looked totally amazing and she was so full of energy and vitality! I immediately knew I wanted to try the program. The picture below was taken just 4 days before I began the program July 26, 2013. Lynyrd Skynyrd was staying at our hotel and we are pictured here with Rickey Medlocke but I was so sick. Just look at my eyes!

Even if it gave me just a little of my health back that would be better than nothing but it blew that totally out of the water and gave me health that I never would have even dreamed of! At 51 years young, I feel better than I did in my twenties and I am certainly way stronger! Another amazing thing I have enjoyed over the last 2 years is that I have been able to help others achieve the same results! There is nothing more rewarding then being able to offer solutions to peoples problems! My favorite days are when I get up to a message from one of my cleansers telling me their doctor has taken them off of some of their medications or an excited phone call telling me they have lost 20 pounds and now fit in a pair of jeans they've had for years. This is by far the most rewarding, exciting and meaningful adventure I have ever been a part of and I feel so incredibly blessed!

So this July for the second year in a row, I am not terrified of anything about traveling to the upcoming CGOA conference. I am very sad that Kimberly will not be attending but I will be totally fine on my own thanks to her caring enough to share this program with me. My biggest concerns are bringing my program supplies and making sure my sneakers fit in my suitcase so I can work out. Exercise is something I had never done before and it is now one of my very favorite activities.

I am completely unstoppable and there is nothing I can't do now! I cannot wait for all of you to feel this amazing too! Please, send me a message! My email is THilde5939@aol.com or message me on Facebook. I am so excited to see many of you in San Diego and can't wait to get lots of hugs!!! See you in 2 weeks!