Sunday, December 22, 2019

Always focus on the blessings!

"Always focus on the blessings" has pretty much become my tag line. Life has been difficult but we chose to keep our attention on the many blessings that are still all around us. So tonight we received an incredible blessing and we would like to share it with you that you too may be blessed. Kindness, thoughtfulness and love can have such a profound affect and this certainly did for us! So...without further ado....
Last week I was contacted by a Facebook fiber friend. She said she was destashing and would like to send some beads and things for Willow. For my non-fiber friends, destashing is something we do with our offices and studios quite frequently as we accumulate an abundance of supplies. Contrary to popular belief, yes, you CAN have too much. Ha, Ha. My friend asked for my address and said a package would be on the way. I thought this was so super sweet and I knew Willow would be thrilled. Then I got another message asking what her favorite color was. After I responded to that I was asked what characters she likes. Wait a minute! This is more than destashing. Ha, Ha. It really warmed my heart. 

After a long day of baking cookies, Shelby ran outside to get something and discovered a big package on our porch! On a Sunday no less! She brought it in and we all just plopped right down on the kitchen floor! Check out the super cute paw print paper!

Willow gave it all she had to get the paper off and get the box opened. Look at her face!

We flipped the lid open to reveal Frozen, Frozen, and more Frozen - one of Willow's very favorites, along with a TON of other wonderful treats!

She has been having the greatest time brushing Elsa's hair and accessorizing with all her hair bows.

I only ever knew of one other child that wore a sleep mask and that was Chelsea, Willow's mother! How would this person know that Willow loves these!!!

Elsa slippers that she put on immediately and they fit perfectly! Again, how would this person know that???

And then she pulled out the unicorn blanket that she also immediately put on!

Willow is one of the most grateful, appreciative children I have ever known. She gets so excited about everything and thanks people repeatedly. She was just thrilled with this little puzzle.

Books, stickers, puzzles, headphones, blankets, toys, a huge smile and an overflowing heart!

Now the really incredible twist to this story. I noticed the return address on the box was a different name than my friend uses on Facebook and I mentioned that to Shelby. A few minutes later I received a message from my friend that had originally contacted me about destashing to give me a heads up that she had shared our story with a friend of hers and that she had wanted to send something to Willow too. Oh my goodness! This package was from someone we don't know, have never met, have never spoken to. I am speechless. The very coolest thing is knowing there are people out there - friends, family, acquaintances, people we don't even know - that are thinking of us, praying for us, sending us love. That's amazing! We are so touched and so thankful and so blessed! Thank You!!!

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