Saturday, August 18, 2012

Friends at Stitches Midwest

One of the best things about going to shows is seeing friends! Some friends I have known for years and other friends are brand new from this show!

Many of you probably know Brenda Stratton. Brenda is a great crochet designer and she was one of the editors at DRG Publishing. I hadn't seen Brenda for 5 years so it was very exciting to finally see her again and to meet her husband Carl. My husband George attended many shows with me and Brenda always wanted the two of them to meet. They are both very easy going and laid back, humoring our yarn addictions.

And then things began to get silly!

I took a picture of Kathleen taking a picture of Carl taking a picture of her!

Another dear friend that I love spending time with at the shows is Bobbie Matela. Bobbie works for Coats and Clark so we get to spend a lot of time together in the booth. 

A brand new friend I had the pleasure of meeting at this show is Jeanne. She walked up to our booth wearing my Hip Granny Tunic I was so thrilled and especially since she is such a sweetie! You can check out her page at CrochetByShadeyJ

Another new friend is Dawn from Maggi Knits. We met at Stitches South last April and just instantly felt like we had been friends forever. It was so good to see her again!

A long-time friend that never fails to crack me up - Lily Chin. For each Stitches show Lily comes up with some incredible costume to unveil. I can't wait to see what she has in store for the next show. 
She never disappoints!

And my final friend that I got to see at Stitches was.....GEORGIE! It's kind of sad that our lives have become so busy that we don't see each other at home but it was really sweet for him to stop by. He drives truck and happened to have a delivery nearby. It felt like the old days when he used to come to the shows with me. Thank you Georgie!

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