Friday, December 8, 2017

The Most Special Kind of Crochet!

I have to be honest that I've always been just a little envious of the people that share the love of crochet with their families. So often you hear that someone learned to crochet from their grandmother or their mother. Having learned to crochet from my second grade teacher, I was the lone stitcher in my family. I knew that my great-grandmother had crocheted and while I did have her in my life briefly, she passed on when I was about 10 years old. When I had two daughters of my own, I thought for sure that I would finally be able to pass on my love of all things fibery but that was not to be either. Sigh.

Earlier this year, my mom showed me a tote box full of crochet items that my great-grandmother had made. I had no idea that these even existed and was so thrilled for the discovery. We didn't go through the items and only peeked at them through the clear box. I have no idea why. My mother said when she was gone that she wanted me to have them. Sadly, neither of us knew that would be just a few short months later.

So yesterday, I went through the box for the first time. It was an amazing experience to hold these pieces in my hands knowing that my great-grandmother had created them! They are beautiful works of art that are somewhere around a hundred years old! I am so thankful that my mother took care of them all these years but it's sad that they were tucked away in a box. I plan to block them and starch the gorgeous ruffles to put them on display to be enjoyed. Oh, and I think it's pretty obvious to see where I get my love of complexity!

And now....I would like to share them with you!




  1. Oh Tammy these are gorgeous. I know you will treasure them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. How precious to have such a gift. Praying for His mercies to comfort you.

  3. What special treasures!!! My mother crocheted and made some beautiful things like these, but over the years they have disappeared. I too love to crochet and knit, but do not have the patience to do these intricate projects! Thank you for sharing.

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