Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy National Crochet Month!

I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy National Crochet Month! I hope you are doing something special to celebrate and sharing the love by teaching someone how to crochet!

Unfortunately, (hanging head in shame) I also need to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year's, and Happy Valentine's Day. Where on earth does the time go? In my defense, it has been a very busy time. My first little granddaughter, Willow, was born just before Christmas. She has been a blessing and brings much joy to our lives. Since neither of my daughters have any interest in knit or crochet, I have very high hopes for Willow. I had a hook in her hand by the time she was one week old.

And I include her while I stitch so she is exposed to yarn regularly. She may not seem like she is very interested but I could tell she did enjoy it! I am determined that this child WILL crochet!

I have also been keeping busy with work. I became the vice president of CGOA in January. That has been very exciting and fulfilling. I just finished my first book which will be released Summer 2014 and I'm now working on my second book which will be released Fall 2014. I will tell you more about them in my next post. I promise it will be soon and not months from now!



  2. Hi! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. Pop over to my blog to pick up your questions and button Please note, this is an honorary award and you do not have to participate. In fact, I have seen some blogs sporting a different badge indicating that they have received the award but not participated in the question/answer/nomination part of the process. I have put that badge on my blog post as well. Happy Crocheting! Rhondda

    1. Thank you so much Rhondda. That is so sweet! As much as I would love to participate (it looks like fun!), my workload right now just isn't going to allow it. Thanks for thinking of me though. I really appreciate it!